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Client Testimonial


Jasmine - Engagement Ring

I am in love with the 22K gold diamond engagement ring my fiancé got made for me. Thank you dearly!


George - Cuban Chain

I got a bespoke 22K cuban chain a few weeks ago. I must say, I can't convince my self to take it off! I love it!

The Chohan Advantage


Family Jewellers With Centuries Of History

Family Jewellers With Centuries Of History

The Chohan family’s history in the jewellery business dates back many centuries. However do to multiple invasions of India, and the partition of India and Pakistan through the state Punjab in 1947; a lot off family history has been lost. The Chohan family’s beginnings in Canada's jewellery industry began when the owners (Pritam Chohan) father, Gurdip Chohan, migrated to Canada from his native country of India (Punjab) in the early 1970's. Gurdip Chohan learnt metalsmithing back in his native country, taught by his immediate paternal family members who carried a long lineage of jewellers as mentioned above. Gurdip Chohan retired from the jewellery industry at the age of 65. However he continued to practice his trade as a hobbyist and run his businesses part-time. Not to long after Gurdip Chohan passed away at the age of 66 leaving behind a young 15 year old son (Pritam Chohan) and wife (Dharamjit Kaur). Today after many years Pritam Chohan through Chohan Goldsmiths Silversmiths create pieces of jewellery that carry on the quality his father (Gurdip Chohan) and the Chohan family was known for. Inspired by the royal jewels of India and the scenic Canadian landscape and distinctive architecture. Read more about the Chohan family history here. 

100% Designed & Handcrafted In Canada

Devils Metal - Sterling Silver Made In Canada